Health attestation for students returning in November; introducing Remote Reconnect

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear families with students in kindergarten, first grade, elementary Life Skills and elementary BRIDGES,

We have a few key updates to share, including our health attestation process and safety reminders for in-person instruction as well as information for families who want to stay with remote learning.

Health attestation process and safety reminders

“Taking care of yourself and your family is taking care of your community” is a phrase that we have adopted in Bellingham Public Schools as we bring students back to school in-person with public health guidance in mind.

In collaboration with the Whatcom County Health Department, we are taking a number of important steps to mitigate risks and help keep our students, staff and families healthy and safe.

  1. We are asking families to please fill out this health attestation agreeing to check daily for symptoms of illness and to keep symptomatic children home from school. We will ask you to fill out and sign this form more than once this school year.
  2. Families should also review the COVID Family Safety Plan online, which includes reminders about COVID-19 symptoms, the importance of mask-wearing, hand-washing and maintaining distance.
  3. Families must have up-to-date contact information at school. If children present symptoms during the day, families must pick up their children from school.
  4. Our staff will be taking students’ temperatures and are adopting the “all screening all the time” mantra to keep a caring eye out for one another.
  5. Our district, your school and your teacher will remind you regularly about these daily screenings that help us keep everyone healthy.

Thank you for abiding by these rules and following public health guidelines. We look forward to seeing your children in our school!

Remote Reconnect

The majority of our students will be attending in-person classes at their neighborhood schools. If you are not able or ready to return your child(ren) to in-person school at this time, we have created an option called Remote Reconnect, which has a more limited amount live learning but allows students and families to maintain a connection with their neighborhood school, teacher and class — with some conditions.

  • Remote Reconnect requires families to play a bigger role in remote learning because students will be spending more time accessing a district-created digital learning calendar with recorded videos, lessons and activities provided by the early learning team (not your current neighborhood school teacher).
  • Remote students will access asynchronous lessons and activities Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They will participate in live learning with their original neighborhood teacher and class on Wednesday mornings only. Students who receive Special Education services will continue to work with their Special Education teacher.
  • Families can expect a conference with their neighborhood classroom teacher every four to six weeks.
  • Remote Reconnect is for families who are still considering in-person learning at some point this school year. If your family is not planning to return to in-person learning at any time during the school year, we encourage you to read more about Bellingham Virtual Learning (BVL) or the Bellingham Family Partnership Program (BFPP). If you are choosing BVL or BFPP, please fill out our in-district transfer form 3131F and have a conversation with your school’s principal.
  • If you are opting for Remote Reconnect, please contact your child’s principal by Friday, October 30 so we can plan to provide you with the remote reconnect resources.

We are looking forward to seeing your child soon!

Greg Baker