Middle School schedule change effective Feb. 4

A Message from the Department of Teaching and Learning

Dear middle school families,

We wanted to let you know that beginning Thursday, Feb. 4 we will be adjusting students’ daily schedules.

We have designed this new middle school schedule to work both for remote learning, as well as for in-person classes when we are able to reach that stage in the Reconnect Plan with our middle school students.

Thursday, Feb. 4 is the first synchronous learning day of second semester. The key changes your student will experience are:

  • A shift in lunch break, which will now be at different times for different grade levels.
  • Core academic classes (math, science, social studies, language arts) are extended to 75 minutes from 40.
  • Time for independent work and practice is now built into class time with opportunity for teacher support, rather than grouped in the afternoon.
  • Live classes / Synchronous learning now ends at 2:25 rather than 12:35.

The revised schedule is based on the same principles as the current schedule, including a daily homeroom class, two core academic classes, and one enrichment class with both live learning and independent time.  Except for enrichment class changes for some students, students will keep the same classes and teachers.  Wednesdays will continue to be remote learning days for all students.

middle school monday tuesday thursday friday schedule effective feb 4 2021

Why make the change:

Our middle school teams have assessed and evaluated our schedule throughout the year, including reaching out to students and staff for feedback, and we have decided to make some changes to better meet student needs.

Specifically, we saw the need to create longer class periods so that students could engage in independent work and practice right after lessons, as opposed to waiting for the afternoon for practice.  We also wanted to create more flexibility for teachers with how they might use longer time blocks, and we wanted to create a schedule that would work for both remote learning and, as conditions allow, in-person learning.

Questions or help:

If you have questions about the updated schedule, please reply to this email, or reach out to your school office.


Meagan Dawson, principal, Kulshan Middle School

Steve Ruthford, principal, Fairhaven Middle School

Matt Whitten, principal, Shuksan Middle School

Jeff Coulter, principal, Whatcom Middle School


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