Midterm progress reports and high school grades

A Message from High School Principals

Dear families,

We are past the halfway point of first semester 2020-21, and students’ midterm grades have been posted in Skyward. Our staff have been working very hard to adjust their grading practices to provide lots of ongoing feedback and grade in ways that are accurate, bias-resistant and motivating.

Midterm and quarter grades are a mid-semester informational snapshot of each student’s learning, growth, or performance in their classes. These grades do not appear on transcripts or count for credits toward graduation. Students are now back in their 1-4 rotation, which will continue through Dec. 15, then switch back to their 5-8 rotation. The semester ends on Feb. 1.  Students can continue to work toward demonstrating learning, growth, and achievement of standards in each of their classes until the end of the semester.

How to see midterm progress report grades:

  • From a web browser or the Skyward app, login to Skyward Family Access. If you need help logging in, please call your school.
  • Go to Gradebook and click on Class Grades.
  • The column labeled Q1 is your student’s first quarter (midterm) grade.

As you look at these midterm grade marks showing your child’s current progress and growth toward the learning standards in their classes, we encourage you to reach out to teachers. Contact information for teachers is available within Skyward by clicking on the teacher’s name, or at bellinghamschools.org/contact. Thank you in advance for recognizing how hard our teachers are working in this remote environment and the high volume of email they are receiving, and allowing at least one to two days for a response.

An NC means that the teacher does not yet have evidence of learning or progress that earns credit. If you see an NC (No Credit) in any of your student’s classes, please know that students are still able to earn credit and a letter grade by the end of the semester. Encourage your child to reach out to their teacher to discuss the performance needed to change the NC to credit by the end of the semester.

This informational video will be shown to students this week in their Advisory class to explain this same information to them as they look to finish strong for semester 1.