Notification: 2021 Healthy Youth Survey coming soon

A Message from the Department of Teaching and Learning

Dear families of students in grades 6, 8, 10 and 12,

Within the next few weeks, our district will be participating in the biannual Healthy Youth Survey. This student survey is voluntary and anonymous, and the results are used to identify and monitor factors that affect the health of youth in Washington. The results can indicate changes in health behaviors over time, and our schools use these results to identify important areas of need.

The Healthy Youth Survey focuses on health risk behaviors, such as violence, alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use that can result in injury and impact positive development among youth. The survey also includes questions about risk and protective factors that research has shown to be correlated with these health risk behaviors. Survey results are used to guide policy and programs that support our youth and reduce their risks.

Please take some time to review this information for parents and students, then talk about the survey with your child and decide if they will participate. The information sheet is available in English, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese and additional languages upon request.

Your school will be sharing specific information soon about when and how the survey will be administered on your campus. Again, this is voluntary and anonymous, and it provides our state with key information to support our young people. If you have questions, please contact your school.