Phase 2 rules for outdoor fields, athletics

A Message from the Department of Teaching and Learning

A group of staff and the high school athletic/activities coordinators has been meeting regularly to work on a return-to-play protocol for summer 2020 and beyond.  We recognize the value of athletics in our students’ lives as well as the importance of providing our coaches and students the opportunity to connect in person and provide our teams opportunities similar to what we have had in previous summers, if at all possible.

Due to the recent increase in Whatcom County of confirmed cases of COVID-19, especially in younger people and in connection with social events, athletes and coaches will not meet in person until Whatcom County moves into phase 3. Coaches and athletes are asked to limit interactions to digital/virtual platforms only while we are still in phase 2.

During phase 2:

  • Our outdoor fields and facilities will remain open to the community for individual use and informal workouts of groups of five or less (not organized, sponsored or supervised by school personnel) that meet the phase 2 guidelines.
  • Our fields and facilities will not be open for rentals during phase 2.
  • We expect private club teams and businesses will not use our fields and facilities for organized practices, workouts and contests.

We will continue to work on protocols for our coaches and athletes to follow once we reach phase 3. It is important we make decisions based on the following priorities:

  1. Centering the safety and health of our students and coaches, as well as the health of our entire community.
  2. Ensuring that we don’t rush our informal summer return-to-play and, in doing so, jeopardize our goal of full participation of our fall sports.
  3. Providing clear direction of protocols and training for coaches that meets the guidance of state and local authorities, such as the Department of Health, WIAA and the state Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Thanks again for your patience and flexibility.