Recycling bricks and salvaging items from Sunnyland Elementary

A Message from Capital Projects

Help us recycle! As you know, we are in the process of rebuilding Sunnyland Elementary School which is slated to open this fall. Demolition of the old school started this week.

Construction crews are sorting demolition material and leaving piles of bricks regularly for anyone to take starting today July 7 through July 22.

Look for Sunnyland bricks on the corner of James Street and Illinois. These bricks are free and we invite anyone who is interested to take as many as they need.

Bellingham Public Schools is committed to sustainability and we are proud that our contractors are recycling steel and copper from the old schools and salvaging lumber, including beams and posts. We are partnering with the Reuse Center of Bellingham to salvage materials from Sunnyland. Proceeds from items sold will benefit Sunnyland’s PTA. Get more information on Reuse Center’s website. You will also see items from the old Parkview on the Reuse Center website.