Reflections and hope, supporting our schools

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear students, staff, families and community,

It’s been such a phenomenal start to the year. I am amazed and gratified by the incredible work students and staff are doing every day to keep each other engaged and safe. I have always loved getting into our schools, and it has been especially enjoyable this fall after the ever-changing remote/hybrid schedule of last year. Each interaction between students, staff and families feels like a celebration, and also very normal. We know our students and families are best served when our schools are open. Our students are also busy after school, participating in a variety of activities from track and field, football, soccer to theatre and clubs, which is a big change from most of last year!

Reflections and hope

I believe we are in a very hopeful space and that we are slowly turning the corner on COVID. Younger children will soon be eligible for the vaccine, and our vaccination rates for staff are solid. 100% of our administrators, meaning all principals and directors in our district, are vaccinated. 98% of our teachers and other certificated staff are vaccinated, and we are working with all staff every day to verify their status to comply with Governor Jay Inslee’s requirement that all K–12 school district employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved medical or religious exemption by Oct. 18.

As we move forward and past COVID, we can start to plan for the future. Expect to learn more in the coming weeks and months ahead about:

  • our new facilities planning task force and the possibility of bringing a bond to our community for consideration to continue to provide outstanding facilities and
  • planning for the possibility of a dual-language Spanish/English school or program, which has been a long-time dream in our community.

Supporting our schools

Supporting our district and schools comes in many forms. For some of you, it means coming to work or school every day and doing your best. For others, it’s volunteering, being involved in a school parent group like a PTA or donating to the Bellingham Public Schools Foundation, our non-profit partner. The Foundation recently held a fundraising event, and I wanted to share a video where I answer some great questions posed by their executive director Kim Lund. (If you feel inspired to give, I know they would appreciate your support!) I also share our latest graduation data, which shows a positive, upward trend and is due in large part to the deep, collective ownership and implementation of The Bellingham Promise.

Kim Lund

Thank you,

Greg Baker