Reflections re: weather and no school

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Students, Staff and Families,

Good morning.

While I’ve been in communication with many of you throughout the night and morning, I thought I’d reach out to you with a few reflections re: the weather and no school.

Our decision to cancel school today was a tough one.  Most people like to know the decision as soon as possible, thus our attempts to communicate the last two evenings what our thoughts were for the next day. Yesterday afternoon we decided to try to keep schools open today.  However, all last evening, through the night and into the early morning hours, hundreds of you let me know how bad it was in parts of the city, particularly the Geneva and Sudden Valley areas.

Our staff was out driving late last night and again this morning at 3:30 a.m. There were some icy/bad road conditions in many areas around town, but particularly in Sudden Valley, where I heard from numerous student drivers their fear of taking to the roads this morning.

Our decision was based not just on bad roads, but also extreme cold temperatures, which were between 14 and 17 degrees at 7 a.m., when some of our youngest kids are walking and taking the bus to school. And watching the news this morning, districts all over the I-5 corridor were closing. We also have staff who live throughout the region, and we received calls from some that they were concerned about not being able to get to work safely.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. I know it’s an extreme inconvenience for many families when school is canceled. It looks like the weather is going to continue to be challenging over the coming days/weeks. We will continue to do everything we can to make the best decisions possible.

Stay safe and warm today,

Greg Baker