Resources for families, preschool update and video recording of a live Q&A with Dr. Baker

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear students, staff, families and community members,

It has been an exciting week since we announced that we are bringing more students and staff back into our schools. One common question is “when will the district release plans and dates to bring others back?” I am happy to share that we are adding one more group of students to our cohort returning in a couple weeks. We will be bringing our preschool students back starting on Nov. 12. Preschoolers will attend school two days per week from 8 to 11 a.m. Their school attendance days will match their current synchronous learning days, either Monday-Tuesday, or Thursday-Friday.

Our district provides preschool at Alderwood, Birchwood, Cordata, Geneva, Sunnyland, Happy Valley and Northern Heights elementary schools and Sehome High School. We have not yet announced a date for our partner agency-run preschools to begin in-person instruction, but we hope to share plans soon. We hope to continue welcoming groups of students back as soon as we can while still minimizing risk.

Resources for reopening

I encourage you to watch a video we just produced to help you imagine what school will look like with our new safety protocols:


We continue to refine plans and provide as many answers as we can, and we know there are still many questions out there.

Here are some actions to take if you have questions and wonders:

Feedback on remote learning

Thank you to the thousands of people who offered input through the feedback form, which was open from Oct. 7 – 16, about remote learning this fall. Here are some of the key findings: nearly 77 percent of families report remote learning experience has either been as expected, better or much better than expected this fall in comparison to 52 percent in June. Families would like more opportunities for students to connect with each other during class. When thinking about a return to school families are most concerned (44 percent) about the ability to keep kids physically distant during the school day and they are least concerned (82 percent) about transportation challenges. When thinking about return to school, 37 percent said it was not urgent/in no rush to return, 22 percent said it was moderately urgent/would like child to return, 21 percent said it was somewhat urgent/ok waiting, and 20 percent reported that it was extremely urgent to return their child to in-person instruction. This input is important to us as we make decisions about remote learning and bringing more students back into our schools. You can see a summary of the input here.

Thank you for your continued engagement, and keep those questions coming!

Greg Baker