Schools open for Wednesday, Nov. 17; please check back if conditions change

Schools open for Wednesday, Nov. 17; please check back if conditions change

A Message from Superintendent Greg Baker

Dear students, staff, families and community,

It has been a tough few days for many in our community, and I hope you are staying safe and dry.

We are planning to run school tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 17, on a normal schedule with a few modifications to bus routes and other special programs outside of district. Please plan to check back in the morning in case anything changes and see “changes for Wednesday, Nov. 17” below.

We are aware that flood conditions vary depending on where you live, and for many residents in Bellingham, we have seen improvement with waters receding and some roads reopening.

For those of you who live in the county or farther south or north, you may still be dealing with an emergency or access issues. We have staff and students who live outside of our district, and if you are one of those people still in crisis mode, please take care of yourself and your home. Your safety is paramount, and we understand if you are not able to safely get to school just yet. We encourage students and families to let teachers know if they are facing hardship due to the flood, and we will make accommodations.

Again, please check our website and email in the morning. At this moment, we are planning to be open and on a regular schedule with the following modifications.

Changes for Wednesday, Nov. 17

  • Students who live around Lake Samish on Summerland and Manley Road will access the bus at the Samish Shell Station for transportation to and from school
  • Many of our neighboring school districts are closed, therefore we are unable to provide out-of-district bus transportation

Thank you for your patience these past few days; it is always challenging to close down school. We know our students and families are best served when our schools are open, but as you know, safety is always our priority.

I also want to acknowledge the amazing efforts of our first responders and city, county and state crews who have been doing a phenomenal job responding to this disaster.

We are mindful that the impact of this flood will linger, and I hope we can all be compassionate and support those who need help. If you are inclined, the Whatcom Community Foundation has set up a Resilience Fund for local emergency flood response and assistance.

Greg Baker