Seventh grade math opportunity during second semester 2021-22

A Message from the Department of Teaching and Learning

Dear seventh grade families,

Your student is currently taking seventh grade math, and we wanted to inform you of an optional and additional class they may opt into during second semester that may affect which math class they take in eighth grade. Please read on for more information if your seventh grader may be interested in taking on this challenging, independent online class.

Most eighth graders will take Math 8, and we believe that most students are served well by our grade level middle school math curriculum and classes. We also realize that some students may be interested in and motivated to take Compacted Math 8/Algebra 1 next year, which is a class that earns high school credit.

We have created an optional online independent course during second semester this year for those who have this motivation: Online Bridge to Compacted 8/Algebra 1. Students who successfully complete this course will be eligible to take Compacted Math 8/Algebra 1 in eighth grade.

Students who do not opt in for this independent, online class will be enrolled in Math 8 in eighth grade, with no action required by students or families, and they will still have all four years of high school to earn their necessary three high school math credits for high school graduation.

Please continue reading if you think your seventh grader might be interested in this additional math class for second semester. There is a link for an online registration form at the end of this email.

Quick information about Online Bridge to Compacted 8/Algebra 1:

  • Students must attend a required 1-hour orientation prior to starting the course.
  • Student must maintain completion of Math 7 work while they take on this additional, independent class
  • This additional course will best fit those who are highly motivated to accelerate into high school math and who can work well independently in an online learning environment.
  • Here is an overview of the units of study for the course.
  • Class is independent online learning through a platform called Edmentum Plato.
  • Class will open by February 1 and must be completed by April 29.
  • Student will have minimal support to complete this independent work.
  • The weekly time commitment is typically five lessons of about 60 minutes each, so students should expect to work at least five hours per week.
  • To continue, student must meet weekly expectations and benchmarks for participation and assignment completion.
  • Students must earn 80% minimum score on unit and final assessments to be eligible for Compacted Math 8/Algebra 1 when they complete the course.
  • At any time, students may choose to stop taking the online course with no penalty or concern.

Please take some time to read through this letter and talk over this option with your seventh grader. If they wish to pursue this additional class, please fill out this form no later than January 10. If you would like some guidance on whether this option is a good fit for your child, please feel free to reach out to your principal.


Meagan Dawson, principal, Kulshan Middle School

Steve Ruthford, principal, Fairhaven Middle School

Matt Whitten, principal, Shuksan Middle School

Jeff Coulter, principal, Whatcom Middle School