Stories from our Schools, June 2018: The Bellingham Promise in Action

Bellingham Public Schools is proud to share these stories of staff and student recognition. Please click on the links below to read the whole story on our Bellingham Promise website.

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Therapy Dog Provides Comfort, Literacy Skills at Sunnyland

Student and therapy dog

Each day, Sukha greets children as they arrive at Sunnyland Elementary School. On the day we visited, it was his second birthday, but he is 14 in dog years.  Read more…


Student’s Aerospace Manufacturing Project Will Benefit Community

rorey and his sign

Not every aspiring Eagle Scout has access to an aerospace manufacturing shop. Rorey Stevenson, a Bellingham High School junior, used the shop at Options High School to create a sign and posts for the Sudden Valley Small Dog Park as part of his Eagle Scout Service Project. Read more…


Parent Education Initiative on Inclusion Helps Columbia Welcome New Life Skills Classroom

Student and teacher

The Columbia Elementary School Parent Association (CPA), a volunteer organization similar to a PTA, recently launched an inclusion initiative to educate parents on issues of diversity. This new emphasis came as Columbia added a Life Skills special education classroom to the school last fall. Read more…


CTE classes teach valuable, real-world skills

Sports medicine teacher and student

The number of credits students can devote to electives is increasing from four to 9.5. “We’re allowing more ability for students to balance ‘have to take’ and ‘want to take,’” Career and Technical Education Director Jeff Tetrick said. Read more…


To read more stories about The Bellingham Promise in action in our schools, view our Promise website.