Watch “What’s up Doc?” – the new Central Kitchen with middle schoolers, Dr. Baker and Executive Chef Patrick Durgan

Dear students, families and community members,

With only a short time before summer, this is a great time to start looking back at accomplishments and celebrations in our schools and district this year.

As you’ve probably heard about in our wellness update emails—or even in local or Seattle news reports—our food services program is in the middle of a transformation. We believe that the food we serve our kids, guided by our Good Food Promise, is one of the most universal ways we show love to all our students here in Bellingham.

Take a few minutes to watch our latest edition of “What’s Up Doc?”, where two middle school students dish up questions for me and our Executive Chef Patrick Durgan. You’ll learn more about the new Central Kitchen and changes in the cafeteria and beyond…including, yes: chocolate milk.

Have a wonderful weekend, and best wishes for a strong and positive end to the school year!

Greg Baker