1113 Policy – Board Member Residency

A school director must remain a resident of the school district to be eligible to continue to serve as a school board member. If a director’s residence changes to a place outside the district, the director must resign and the director’s eligibility to serve ends.

Approved By: Superintendent Greg Baker and Board President Camille Diaz Hackler
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 10/11/07
Updated: 08/25/16
Superintendent or Board Approved: Board Approved
Legal References: Content

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RCW  29A.76.010      Redistricting by counties, municipal corporations, and special purpose districts

RCW  42.12.010        Causes of Vacancy

AGO 1975 No. 8         Vacancy upon voluntary change of residence out of director district (note modification by 1999 amendment codified as RCW 28A.343.350)