1260 Policy – Board of Directors School Site Adoption

The goals of the School Adoption process are to create a stronger working knowledge of school district operations, improve communication between the directors and employees, and reinforce to staff the value they provide to the overall educational process within the district.  To accomplish these goals, the members of the board will adopt for a one-year period, various sites within the district and occasionally visit their assigned sites during the year.

In visiting the site, the board member:

  • will act as an individual member of a collective decision-making body;
  • will be a communicator of board action;
  • will be a listener concerning site activities; and
  • will be an ambassador of the community.

This creates one of the linkages for the board with the community in policy governance.

Adoptions of schools will occur annually, each August, at a regular meeting of the board. The board will determine as a whole which board members will adopt which sites. The “adoptions” will run from September through August. New members to the board will adopt the schools of a leaving member unless the board, as a whole, takes action otherwise.

Each member should over a two-year period have “adopted” at least one high school and one middle school.  In addition, they will have “adopted” several elementary schools and district locations (District Office, Buildings and Grounds, Transportation).  It is recommended that board members, at least for the first year on the board, do not adopt schools in which they have children or relatives attending or working.

Approved By: Superintendent Greg Baker and Board President Camille Diaz Hackler
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 08/28/09
Updated: 08/25/16
Superintendent or Board Approved: Board Approved