1805 Policy – Open Government Trainings

The board recognizes the value of meaningful, informed public participation in district deliberations and the need to conduct its affairs in a transparent manner.  All board directors will participate in trainings regarding:  1) the Open Public Meetings Act; 2) the Public Records Act; and 3) Public Records Retention, within ninety (90) days of taking the oath of office following election or appointment.  After the initial trainings, board directors will participate in refresher trainings on these subjects every four years that they hold office to remain current with new developments in open government law. 

Board directors will document their completion of required trainings.  The superintendent or designee will file and maintain the documentation in the district.

Approved By: Superintendent Greg Baker and Board President Camille Diaz Hackler
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 08/25/16
Updated: 08/25/16
Superintendent or Board Approved: Board Approved
Legal References: Content

ESSB 5964, Open Government Trainings Act
RCW 28A.343.360, Oath of Office
RCW 40, Public Documents, Records, and Publications
RCW 40.14, Preservation and Destruction of Public Records
RCW 42.30, Open Public Meetings Act
RCW 42.56, Public Records Act
RCW 42.56.580, Public Records Officers

Management Resources: Content

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