2021 Policy – Library Information and Technology Programs

The purpose of the Bellingham Public Schools library information and technology programs is to support student mastery of the essential academic learning requirements and state standards in all subject areas. The programs will provide a broad, flexible array of services, resources and instruction.


The library media specialist (LMS), through the library information and technology programs, will collaborate as an instructional partner and information specialist to help all students meet the content goals in all subject areas.


Additionally, the LMSs’ duties may include, but are not limited to, integrating information and technology into curriculum and instruction; providing instruction to students and staff regarding use of emerging learning technology; providing instruction to students as to appropriate use of computers and mobile devices at school; helping teachers and staff access and use information ethically; instructing students in digital citizenship; promoting a culture of reading within the school community; and providing individual support and guidance for students.


The superintendent will establish procedures for the selection of materials with the understanding that media literacy resources will consist of a balance of sources and perspectives. Residents or staff members of the district who wish to express a concern about specific material included in the collection may do so according to the procedures outlined in Procedure 2021 Library Information and Technology Programs, with the understanding that the criteria and rationale for reconsideration of library resources differs from the criteria and rationale for reconsideration of classroom/curricular instructional materials.

Approved By: Greg Baker, Superintendent
Updated: 05/31/22
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
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