2150 Policy – Co-Curricular Program

Bellingham Public Schools recognizes the value of co-curriculum programs and affirms its importance in assisting students to develop the knowledge, skills, and qualities required to be successful in a diverse society. The co-curricular program shall include activities that are an extension of curriculum and/or the classroom, e.g. performing music groups and performing drama groups.  Extra curricular activities program shall include, but not be limited to: all WIAA sanctioned activities, interscholastic athletics, student body officers, cheerleaders, drill/dance team members, and those other activity organizations recognized by the ASB and who represent the school.

The co-curricular/extra curricular activity program is an integral part of the total school program and the opportunity for participation shall be open to all students regardless of individual differences or financial hardship.

Because co-curricular/extra curricular activity participants are representatives of Bellingham Public Schools when they perform in public, they are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that will reflect the high standards and ideals of their team, activity group, school and community. As a result, in addition to the “Student Rights and Responsibilities” (Policy 3200), co-curricular/extra curricular activity participants shall also be governed by procedures to be established by the superintendent (referred to herein as the Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular Activities Code) and the appropriate Code of Behavior Standards established for the specific activity.

Co-curricular activities are those activities which are integral to the classroom and result in a course grade and credit.

Extra curricular activities are those activities which are in addition to or outside of classroom instruction and do not result in a grade nor credit. Students may request to waive up to 1.5 physical education credits if they provide proof of participation in extra-curricular activities (Policy 2410).  Any activity for which a grade is issued is not considered an extra curricular activity.

The rules and regulations contained in the Co-Curricular/Extra Curricular Activities Code shall apply to any violation occurring on school premises, at any school-sponsored activity, or off school grounds during the one calendar year following the date of signing.





Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 04/13/95
Adopted/Revised: 03/20/08; 02/26/09; 02/04/15
Updated: 09/27/18
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
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