2195 Policy – Academic Acceleration

Bellingham Public Schools recognizes the need for all high school students to have greater access to rigorous advanced courses, including dual credit programs.  To that end, Bellingham Public Schools will automatically enroll students who meet the state standard on the high school statewide student assessment in the next most rigorous level of advanced courses offered by the high school.  Students who successfully complete the advanced courses will then be enrolled in the next most rigorous level of advanced courses, with the ultimate goal being the student’s automatic enrollment in dual credit courses.

The subject matter of courses in which students are automatically enrolled will be determined by the areas of the statewide assessment in which the student met state standards. Students who meet the state standard on both end-of-course mathematics assessments are considered to have met the state standard for high school mathematics and may be automatically enrolled in advanced mathematics course(s).  Students who meet the state standard for both reading and writing are eligible for enrollment in advanced courses in English, social studies, humanities and other related subjects.

Bellingham Public Schools will notify students and parents/guardians regarding the academic acceleration policy and the advanced courses available to students. Bellingham Public Schools will provide the parent/guardian with an opportunity for the student to opt out of participation in the academic acceleration process.

Approved By: Greg Baker, Superintendent
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 03/04/14
Updated: 07/17/18
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
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Policy 2421  Promotion/Retention

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Chapter 28A.300 RCW         Superintendent of Public Instruction

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