2337 Policy – Disability History Month

The purpose of observing Disability History Month is to encourage students to respect individuals with disabilities rather than pity them, to focus on their strengths and to promote understanding rather than stereotypes.  Students are encouraged to recognize the whole person rather than just an individual’s disability.

Bellingham Public Schools believes that every child can learn at high levels and that diversity enhances a strong and healthy community. While observing Disability History Month as required by law during the month of October, our district proudly serves and supports students with disabilities birth through age 21 in an inclusive general education environment with their peers as much as possible. Our schools recognize and celebrate students with disabilities year-round, and educate all students and families to foster greater awareness and understanding of individuals with disabilities during school assemblies, class projects or school-to-home communications. This includes the opportunity to learn how people with disabilities have been treated throughout history, how they have been instrumental in changing history and/or how they became active participants in changing societal attitudes about their needs, desires and capabilities.

Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 09/13/17
Updated: 09/13/17
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RCW 28A.230.158 Disability history month – Activities

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2014 – August Issue