2412 Policy – Credit Granted for Learning Experiences Conducted Outside of School

The Board recognizes that students may want to take advantage of courses or educational programs available from a variety of service providers.   Such service providers could include other school districts, accredited and non-accredited private schools, private organizations or businesses.  Courses could be delivered face-to-face or on-line.

The District has a responsibility to ensure that students have gained the requisite knowledge and skills in any such outside course or program for which high school graduation credit is requested.  In order to assure that students have the required knowledge and skills, assessments or reviews of student work may be necessary.   A fee structure may be created to support such review activities.

Students may transfer an unlimited number of credits from accredited service providers. They may transfer a maximum of 4 classes (2.0 credits) from non-accredited, private service providers.

The superintendent is directed to develop procedures by which students may request District credit for courses or programs taken from other service providers.

Adopted: 03/25/04
Signature Date: 03/25/04
Approved: Board Approved
Legal References: Content

WAC 180-51-050 (6)