3418 Policy – Response to Student Injury or Illness

Bellingham Public Schools recognizes that schools are responsible for providing first aid or emergency treatment in case of sudden illness or injury to a student, but that further medical attention is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

When a student is injured it is the responsibility of staff to see that immediate care and attention is given the injured party until relieved by a superior, a nurse, a doctor or other emergency personnel. Notification of the accident should be given to the principal’s office and to the school nurse. The principal or designated staff should immediately contact the parent/guardian so that the parent/guardian can arrange for care or treatment of the injured student.

In the event that the parent/guardian or emergency contact cannot be reached and in the judgment of the principal or person in charge immediate medical attention is required, the injured student may be taken directly to the hospital and treated by the physician on call. However, an injured or ill student should only be moved if a first aid provider has determined that it is safe to do so, or that it is safe to transport the student in a private vehicle. Students with head or neck injuries should only be moved or transported by emergency medical technicians. When the parent/guardian is located, the parent/guardian may then choose to continue the treatment or make other arrangements.

If immediate medical attention is required (severe bleeding, shock, breathing difficulty, heart attack, head or neck injuries) 911 should be called.

The district is not qualified under law to comply with directives to physicians to limit medical treatment and will not accept such directives.

The superintendent will establish procedures to be followed in any accident and for providing first aid or emergency treatment to a student who is ill or injured.

Approved By: Greg Baker, Superintendent
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 05/08/97; 07/29/14
Updated: 07/26/18
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
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