3530 Policy – Solicitation of Funds

The Board recognizes that certain school programs and activities are fully or partly supported through the solicitation of funds from students, staff, and community. Solicitation and collection of money in exchange for tickets, papers, magazine subscriptions, or for any other goods or services for the benefit of an approved school organization or program is permissible, provided the instructional program is not adversely affected and that appropriate procedures are followed.

The Superintendent shall establish guidelines for the solicitation of funds by school- related groups.  All parties involved in fundraising activities shall be sensitive to the issue of resource equity, with no school or student body being unreasonable advantaged or disadvantaged in comparison to others.  Principals shall distribute these guidelines to

each group granted permission to solicit funds.  Principals shall be responsible for the approval and supervision of all fundraising activities and to ensure that the guidelines are followed.

Principals are required to obtain the Superintendent’s approval of all fundraising activities related to out-of-state travel and those which entail significant sums of money.

Approved By: Greg Baker, Superintendent
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 01/23/92
Updated: 01/23/92
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved