5214 Policy – Job-Sharing Staff Members

A job-sharing assignment is the shared performance of the duties of one full-time, regular position by two (2) employees.

The superintendent/designee is responsible for approving job-sharing arrangements when the best interests of students and the district would be served by creating a job-sharing assignment for a particular position.

The district reserves the authority to:

  1. Determine the number of job-sharing positions, if any, within the district;
  2. Require the employees to develop a written plan for sharing the performance of the position and to secure the written approval of their supervisor;
  3. Dissolve any job-sharing assignment, or change a job-sharing position to a full time position held by one employee, at the sole discretion of the district in accordance with applicable provisions of collective bargaining agreements;
  4. Consider any request to create a job-sharing position in a position currently held by one employee, or dissolve a job-sharing arrangement;
  5. Require job-sharing staff members to work full-time in the event of the termination or resignation of the other job-sharing staff members, at the sole discretion of the district.

Employees sharing a position will sign a job-sharing agreement annually, subject to the approval of the superintendent/designee. The agreement will identify contingencies which may arise during the course of employment including, but not limited to, responsibility for participation in staff meetings and committees of the position to be shared.




Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 10/24/91
Updated: 02/09/16
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
Legal References: Content

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transferring between school districts and other educational employers

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Management Resources: Content

2015 – October Policy Issue