5240 Policy – Evaluation of Staff

Professional growth and evaluation of individual employees is important to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the district.  Staff are expected to perform the duties identified in their contracts and/or job descriptions, in addition to any other reasonable responsibilities that may be assigned or directed by their supervisor.

Certificated Teachers and Principals
Evaluations for certificated teachers and principals will be in compliance with the requirements of chapter 28A.405 RCW and applicable agreements negotiated pursuant to chapter 41.59 RCW. The primary purpose of evaluations is to enhance and improve the employee’s performance and to make the employee aware of any performance concerns.

Certificated Support Personnel 
“Certificated support personnel” and “certificated support person” mean a certificated employee who provides services to students and who may hold one or more of the education staff associate (ESA) certificates pursuant to WAC 181-79A-140(5).  ESA certification includes: school speech pathologists or audiologists, school counselors, school nurses, school occupational therapists, school physical therapists, school psychologists, and school social workers.

Certificated support personnel and other non-supervisory certificated employees defined in applicable bargaining agreements are considered non-classroom teachers and are not subject to the four level rating system. The performance of certificated support personnel will be evaluated consistent with state law and applicable collectively bargained processes.

Other Administrative Staff
The performance of administrative staff other than certificated principals and assistant principals as referenced in the section above will be evaluated at least once per year.

Classified Staff
The performance of classified staff will be annually evaluated by his/her supervisor consistent with applicable collectively bargained processes.

Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 01/23/92; 03/15/17
Updated: 10/18/17
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
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