5401 Policy – Sick Leave

The district will grant each full-time, certificated and classified staff member of the district sick leave days annually in accordance with state law and collective bargaining agreements, when applicable. Unused sick leave may be accumulated on a year-to-year basis up to a maximum of the number of contract days in a contract period, not to exceed one year.

The district may require a signed statement from a healthcare provider for any absence in excess of five consecutive days. If sick leave benefits are exhausted, the board may grant leave without pay for the balance of the year upon the recommendation of the superintendent.

Attendance Incentive
In January of the year following any year in which a minimum of 60 days of sick leave is accrued, and each January thereafter, any eligible staff member may exercise an option either:

A. To receive remuneration for unused sick leave accumulated in the previous year in an amount equal to one day’s monetary compensation of the staff member for each four full days of accrued sick leave in excess of 60 days.  The employees’ full-time, daily rate of compensation shall be calculated as follows:  1/260th for annual (twelve-month) nonrepresented classified employees; 1/actual number of workdays for nonannual (less than twelve-month) nonrepresented classified employees; and 1/actual number of workdays for annual (twelve-month) certificated and classified administrators; or

B. To add that year’s sick leave to the staff member’s accumulated sick leave.

All such leave for which the staff member receives compensation will be deducted from accumulated sick leave at the rate of four days for every one day’s monetary compensation.

A staff member may cash-out all accrued sick leave at the above rate at the time of an eligible separation from employment.

The administrator of the estate of a deceased staff member may also cash-out all accumulated sick leave at the rate of one day’s monetary compensation for every four days of leave. A certified copy of the death certificate must be submitted to the district office and proper documentation of court appointment as administrator of the estate.


Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted: 03/17/17
Revised: 03/17/17
Approved: Superintendent Approved
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