5630 Policy – Volunteers

Bellingham Public Schools recognizes that volunteer family members, interns and community members significantly contribute to the academic achievement and student success of our students.  Volunteers may be utilized to perform a wide-range of activities such as supporting classroom teachers, lunch or recess assistance, tutors, field trip chaperones and office support.

In working with volunteers, district staff will clearly explain the volunteer’s responsibilities regarding the particular activity for which the volunteer is assisting.  On field trips and in other activities where volunteers assist with the supervision of students, both students and volunteers are to be informed of the rules of student behavior and the means by which they are to be held accountable to those rules and expectations. When working directly with students or coming in contact with student records, all volunteers must maintain strict confidentiality regarding the release of information regarding any student.
The superintendent or designee will be responsible for developing and implementing procedures for the utilization of volunteers that will include appropriate screening, assignment and supervision based on the volunteer’s interest, abilities and level of contact with students.  It is the expectation of Bellingham Public Schools that all volunteers will act with the highest level of professionalism towards our students, including abiding by district policies and procedures.

Further, it is the general expectation of Bellingham Public Schools that volunteers, including family members, will not work alone with a student.  “Alone” should be understood to have the common definition of two people (volunteer and student) without the presence of others.

Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 01/24/17
Updated: 01/24/17
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
Legal References: Content

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