6210 Policy – Purchasing: Authorization and Control

The superintendent is authorized to direct expenditures and purchases within the limits of the detailed annual budget for the school year.

All contracts for more than $40,000.00 initial value, including all costs of delivery and sales tax, and excluding contingencies, must be approved by the board.  Multiple contract changes and amendments which are for the same or similar services at the same time and same location, or are a continuation of existing activity, are considered a single contract for the purpose of determining whether approval by the board is required.  This policy applies to all contracts to which the district is a party, except that approval by the board is required regardless of value for all employment contracts, collective bargaining agreements, and interlocal agreements, and for all other contracts where approval by the board is required by law.

The superintendent shall establish appropriate purchasing procedures as a means of monitoring the expenditure of funds.  Staff who obligate the district without proper prior authorization may be held personally responsible for payment of such obligations.

Approved By: Superintendent Greg Baker and Board President Kelly Bashaw
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 04/24/08
Adopted/Revised: 04/24/08; 01/26/18
Updated: 04/20/22
Superintendent or Board Approved: Board Approved