6240 Policy – Recognition Activities and Food and Beverages

Recognition or Reward Activities

Bellingham Public Schools recognizes notable accomplishments, including exemplary service, special achievements or outstanding contributions. The superintendent may conduct a program of recognition for students, staff and community partners.


Food for District Events, Meetings and Recognition

Bellingham Public Schools recognizes that staff members and others associated with the district are expected to pay for their own food and beverages. However, under certain circumstances when the district is deriving benefit, the district may expend funds for food and beverage consumed by staff and others while in the conduct of the business of the district.

In all cases where district funds are used, the benefits should clearly accrue to the district programs rather than to the individuals. Meetings must not be for promotional hosting, influencing an election campaign or ballot proposition, strictly of a social nature, or for purposes contrary to state law.

The superintendent is directed to establish procedures which reflect the intent to provide for reasonable food and beverage consumption while in the conduct of business that is of benefit to the district.

Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 03/14/96; 06/26/08
Updated: 03/21/17
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
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Policy 3440 Food, Food Education, Physical Education & Physical Activity

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