6250 Policy – Cellular Telephones

Bellingham Public Schools authorizes the use of cellular telephones for the purpose of providing for staff and student safety, to adequately prepare for emergencies, and to enhance job performance.

The superintendent may authorize the provision of district-owned cellular phones for business telephone calls at those times when designated staff do not have regular telephone service available.

District-owned phones are to be primarily used to conduct district business, including incoming and outgoing calls/texts. At the time a designated employee accepts the use of a district cellular telephone, he or she is accepting financial responsibility for any personal or non-business calls or text messages made on the cellular telephone. In the event that circumstances arise requiring incidental personal use of a district-owned cellular phone that results in charges to the district, the employee is to reimburse the district for the usage. Any staff member who has been issued a cellular telephone shall not use the telephone if any personal or non-business call charges are outstanding beyond a reasonable period.

In lieu of providing a district-owned cellular telephone, the superintendent may authorize a monthly/annual cellular telephone stipend be paid to staff for the purpose of enhancing student safety, to adequately prepare for emergencies, and to enhance job performance.  All such individuals who receive the stipend must agree to provide the district with a current, working cellular telephone number at all times.  The stipend will be paid in accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations.

Adopted/Previous Revisions: 01/27/00
Adopted/Revised: 06/26/08; 05/26/11
Updated: 11/06/18
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved