6301 Policy – Electronic Signatures

Bellingham Public Schools authorizes the use of electronic signatures for documents, records and contracts, except for when there is a specific statute, regulation, or policy that requires such documents to be signed in non-electronic form.

Electronic signatures may satisfy the requirement of a written signature when transacting business with and/or for the district, employees, or parents/guardians when the authenticity and reliability of such electronic signature(s) meets the provisions of this policy. When not otherwise prohibited by applicable laws, electronic signatures may be used when it is not practical or possible to have an approved individual physically sign a document, or when electronic execution of a document is the most efficient means of transacting business.

The district shall maintain electronically signed records in a manner that is consistent with state law and the district’s document retention policies and that allows the district to produce accurate and complete reproduction of the electronic records and signatures in their original form. Such retention includes a process whereby the district can verify the attribution of a signature to a specific individual, detect changes or errors in the information contained in the record that was submitted electronically, and protect and prevent access, manipulation, or use.

The superintendent, or designee, will establish procedures for the usage of electronic signatures.

Approved By: Superintendent
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 4/17/20
Updated: 4/17/20
Superintendent or Board Approved: Board Approved, Superintendent Approved
Legal References: Content

RCW 19.360.020: State and local agencies—Electronic signatures and records—Use and acceptance

ESSB 6028: Chapter 57, Laws of 2020; Uniform Electronic Transactions Act