6600 Policy – Transportation

The district may provide transportation to and from school for a general education student:

A. Whose residence is beyond the one-mile radius from the school to which the student is assigned;

B. Whose walking route to school is not safe (hazardous based on an evaluation of traffic and/ or road conditions); or

C. From the address that is in the student information system.

The district will provide transportation to and from school for students:

A. Whose disability prevents him/her from walking or providing for his/her own welfare while walking; or

B. Who have another compelling and legally sufficient reason to receive transportation services. If the district determines a school district vehicle is unavailable or unable to provide the service, then the parent or guardian of a student whose assigned bus stop is beyond the maximum walking distance may receive reimbursement for private transportation at the state mileage reimbursement rate.

The superintendent assigns responsibility for developing the district’s transportation program to the assistant superintendent of finance and operations and the transportation director. The program will comply in all ways with state law and regulation. Transportation services of the district may include approved bus routes, district-approved field trips, school activities (participants and chaperones only) and extracurricular activities (rooters).
Routes and Schedules

The assistant superintendent of finance and operations and transportation director will be responsible for scheduling bus transportation, including the determination of routes and designated bus stops as well as overseeing the transportation program.
The purpose of bus scheduling and routing is to achieve maximum service with a minimum fleet of buses insofar as this is consistent with rendering safe and reasonably equal service to all students entitled to such service. The superintendent may authorize the use of a district-owned passenger car or van in lieu of a bus for transporting students to and from school and for district approved activities.
The district will apply for state transportation apportionment funds and will maintain the records required to obtain such funding.

In order to operate the transportation system as safely and efficiently as possible, the following factors will be considered in establishing bus routes:

A. Location of bus stops may be determined by such factors as student safety, economy and efficiency. Students may be required to walk up to one radius mile from their home to their bus stop provided that the walking route is safe;

B. School schedules will be adjusted to allow maximum utilization of each bus in the system by alternating elementary and secondary trips;

C. No trip will be scheduled to transport more students than the rated capacity of the bus; and

D. Where an alternate route may be considered without sacrifice of efficiency or economy, preference will be given to that route more directly serving the largest number of students.

Promise-K pupils will ride the regular routes for elementary students. If no Promise-K program is operated at a given school, the school district will provide transportation from that school to a school which has a Promise-K program.

Pupils regularly living in transportation areas may ride school buses. Regular school bus routes will travel on public roads.

In addition to the regular service, the transportation director may establish procedures to provide courtesy bus service to students residing within the one-mile radius of the attendance area. A student may be allowed to ride a bus if the approval does not cause the number of regular assigned and/ or expected riders to exceed the capacity of the bus.

Emergency Routes and Schedules
The district will develop alternate bus routes and schedules to be used when weather conditions make the usual routes impassable or, in the superintendent or delegate’s judgment, too hazardous. Information on routes and schedules will be made available to parents.


Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 04/25/16
Updated: 04/25/16
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved
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