6905 Policy – Site Acquistion

Bellingham Public Schools will attempt to acquire building sites substantially in advance of the actual construction of facilities in order to minimize delay in construction projects and to realize financial savings to the district. The superintendent will periodically review the district’s inventory of land in light of growth trends in the district and local land-use restrictions and recommend to the board such transactions deemed to best meet the future needs of the district.

Prior to any purchase of real estate, the district will obtain a market value appraisal by a professionally designated real estate appraiser as defined in RCW 74.46.020. The board will select the appraiser. The appraisal will identify the relevant zoning and Growth Management Act specifications to determine whether the intended use of the property is legally permitted.

In acquiring a new site, the board will always first attempt to reach settlement with the owner through negotiations. The district will consider condemnation only when it is obvious that negotiations will not lead to an amicable settlement.

The board will acquire school sites or facilities only when it clearly contemplates using the property for school purposes.


Approved By: Superintendent Greg Baker and Board President Camille Diaz Hackler
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 02/14/13
Updated: 9/18/19
Superintendent or Board Approved: Board Approved
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2017 – July Issue