6970 Policy – Naming Schools, Facilities and Memorials

Bellingham Public Schools recognizes the importance of gathering student, staff and community input in the selection of a name for district schools and facilities.  The superintendent will develop procedures for broad-based involvement whenever possible.

The district regularly receives requests to add physical memorials or tributes for deceased individuals to our schools.  While it is important to honor those who have passed away, we are unable to allow permanent memorials or tributes to be placed on school or district property.  Allowing memorials would eventually create a large number of such items on school district property if all requests were approved.  Alternatively, this places the district in a position of judging certain requests as worthy of placement and others not worthy, creating unintended hurt to families and loved ones.

Approved By: Greg Baker
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 10/26/95; 07/19/07; 03/22/12
Updated: 12/18/14
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved