2104 Procedure – Federal and/or State Funded Special Instructional Programs

Applications for special funds and/or categorical grants will be based upon the needs of the students, staff or facilities within the district. Such applications may be related to the program needs of a particular school or the district as a whole. Each proposal for special funding and/or categorical grant should address the following points:

A. Needs: The proposal should supply hard data and succinctly identify and/or document the specific needs that are to be addressed;

B. Objectives: The stated needs should be converted into objectives answering what the project hopes to accomplish;

C. Procedures: The action plan should be presented answering how the objectives will be accomplished; and

D. Evaluation: The evaluation plan should identify the kind of data to be collected and who should collect the data.

The proposal should also include a tentative budget that identifies proposed expenditures and revenues. A timeline should also be included which shows the submission date deadline, funding agency approval date and the project status report dates. The proposal writer must identify any obligations that the district will incur as a result of securing a grant award, following the district’s grant writing procedures.
















Adopted/Previous Revisions: 01/27/15
Updated: 06/25/18