2240 Procedure – Summer School Programs

Student Selection and Participation

The district summer school and extended school day programs shall address the additional educational needs of students in two areas:

Academic Support

In the academic support category, students should be selected based on the following priorities:

  1. Students who, based on past performance on state and district required assessments, are unlikely to perform proficiently at the next level of the Washington Assessments of Student Learning (WASL).
  2. Students who have limited English proficiency (LEP) and are in need of additional instructional time to perform successfully on required district and state assessments.
  3. Students who have failed grade levels or courses and need remedial or credit retrieval opportunities to maintain progress toward successful completion of requirements.
  4. Students whose parents request optional participation on a space available basis.


  1. Students who have qualified for the district Highly Capable Learners Program and need additional enrichment opportunities to achieve in relation to their learning potential.
  1. Students whose parents request optional participation on a space available basis.

Building teams, involving the principal and other staff members, are responsible for designating students in categories 1-4, based on appropriate data sources for participation in district- funded summer and extended day programs.

Site Selection

Sites for district-wide programs will be selected based on types of available spaces and location and, when possible, meet the following goals:

  1. Convenient location with good access for parent transportation of students.
  1. Developmentally appropriate facilities for students.
  1. Consolidation of programs to maintain operational efficiency, including collaborative programs with other agencies such as Best SELF.
  1. Rotation of sites to minimize undue impact on schools.
  1. Allow for summer maintenance schedules, particularly larger scheduled projects.

Coordination of Programs

A qualified Summer School Principal/Coordinator will be employed by the district and responsible for coordinating summer school programs.

Evaluation of Programs

The Principal/Coordinator will be responsible for planning, data collection and analysis, and for completing a formal evaluation of the programs annually.  The evaluation will focus on determining the extent to which student learning and performance on required assessments has been impacted.


Adopted/Previous Revisions: April 22, 1999
Updated: April 23, 1999