2421 Procedure – Promotion/Retention

Prior to the end of the third quarter, when possible, the teacher will confer with the principal regarding any student who should be considered for retention. The parent/guardian will be invited to meet with the principal and teacher. Information will be presented to explain the student’s progress to date. The parent/guardian will be advised on how they might assist the student during the balance of the school year.


Following the initial meeting to review progress, the parent/guardian may initiate a request for retention by contact the principal in writing.


The principal convenes a team to review the request. The team will include the school principal, parent/guardian, grade level teachers of current grade and requested retention grade and a school psychologist. The team will review the following:

  1. Test data, both standardized and classroom based, that represents the student’s level of academic achievement in core content areas, reading, writing, science and math. Additional assessments may be required.
  2. Evidence of student work
  3. Documents indicating the student’s grades
  4. Documents describing the grade level standards
  5. Other supporting documentation indicating student maturity with peers and adults, learning behaviors or other factors that would contribute to making a decision
  6. Readiness for grade level work and developmental maturity for social and emotional aspects of the grade level change.


The team completes a written final recommendation for retention. The final recommendation is signed by the parent/guardian and administrator. A copy will be placed in the student cumulative folder and filed with the deputy superintendent’s office.


If the child is not successful in the new grade level, the team will reconvene to make a decision about placement in an age-appropriate grade level.


Appeals to the team decision must be made in writing to the deputy superintendent within five school days from the date of the decision. The decision of the deputy superintendent is final.

Approved By: Greg Baker, Superintendent
Updated: 09/28/22
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved