3530 Procedure – Solicitation of Funds

A.        Fundraising activities must not interfere with the educational program and shall be of direct benefit to the students, school and/or educational process.

B.        All parties involved in fundraising activities shall be sensitive to the issue of resource equity, with no school or student body being unreasonably advantaged or disadvantaged it comparison to others, i.e., large expenditures for computer labs, staff, or permanent facilities, etc.

C.        Student/staff participation must be voluntary.

D.        All parties involved in fundraising shall be sensitive to the demands placed on the community through a multitude of fundraising efforts.  Fundraising activities shall be coordinated through building principals to alleviate over burdening the community and its agencies.

E.         Fundraisers (raffles, etc.) shall adhere to all Gaming Commission regulations.

F.         Fundraising activities conducted by Associated Student Bodies or subgroups thereof will involve the ASB Bookkeeper to ensure compliance with ASB accounting requirements.

G.        Single fundraising activities in excess of $5,000 and approved by a principal, must be submitted by the principal to the superintendent for approval.  Application for approval must include:

1.         group(s) involved

2.         intended use(s) for the funds

3.         purpose of the use(s)

4.         manner in which the funds are to be solicited

H.        All equipment and materials donated from funds raised under these guidelines shall become the property of the Bellingham Public Schools.  The District shall make every effort to retain this equipment at the local school.

I.          Any outside group other than an office school-parent group must have superintendent, or designee, approval before conducting any fundraising activities within a school or schools.


Adopted/Previous Revisions: 01/23/92
Updated: 01/23/92