4000 Procedure – Communications and Community Relations Program

To ensure that citizens and staff have an opportunity to be informed about their schools and provide an effective, two-way communication system between the district and its various stakeholders, the superintendent shall:

1.      Establish an organizational environment and expectation that all district staff share the responsibility for communication of the district’s mission, vision, goals, policies, programs and information to families and community members.

2.      Maintain a Department of Communications and Community Relations, which will, among other key functions:

  • Assess the public’s knowledge and attitudes about the district and its schools, and use this information in strategic communications planning and communications program implementation;
  • Maintain policies and procedures related to communications and community relations, and make them available on the district website and by request;
  • Lead the district’s communication efforts through a variety of print and digital methods with venues for face-to-face communication;
  • Coordinate annual federal and state family notification requirements, making this information readily accessible online and in print;
  • Communicate accurate, timely information about the district’s mission, vision, goals, work priorities, progress and achievements, policies, procedures, educational services and programs, calendar dates and events, opportunities for input and involvement in problem-solving and decision-making processes, decisions, finances and critical issues;
  • Strive to proactively anticipate communication needs and, as needed, work to address rumors and misinformation;
  • Foster programs and practices designed to provide an open, transparent climate to share information, and elicit ideas and input from all stakeholders;
  • Support communications between school and home;
  • Assist in ensuring that communications skills exist in each school and department;
  • Maintain an effective working relationship with the news media; and
  • Support crisis communications.

3.      Support principals in leading school-based communication efforts, which will:

  • Encourage open, two-way methods of communication among all of the school community’s stakeholders;
  • Differentiate, according to parents’ informational needs, and through a variety of communications techniques such as meetings, print and digital publications, and personal contacts between school personnel and stakeholders;
  • Strive to proactively anticipate the information necessary for solving problems and preventing misunderstandings; and
  • Supplement and support the district’s communications efforts.



Adopted: 03/11/93; 08/13/09; 03/12/13
Revised: 09/27/18