4011 Procedure – Photographing, Recording Students and Sharing Student Information

Opt-Out Procedures

  • Students whose parent or guardian have signed and returned Form 4011F-1 Opt-Out of Release of Student Publicity/Information, for district or school-related publicity may not be recorded, filmed, photographed or interviewed by employees of Bellingham Public Schools (BPS) while at school or at district or school-related events before, during or after school. District or school-related publicity applies to staff-produced district and school newsletters and publications (including event, activities and athletic programs); recognition; public displays of student work with names, photos and/or videos, including digital tools like Seesaw (note: this does not restrict a teacher from sending information, photos and/or videos about a student to their parent or guardian only); honor roll and graduation lists; district/school websites and social media; district/school photos and video; and classroom video recording by higher education/practicum students, etc. News media access to non-public locations and events, such as inside a classroom, will be conditioned upon agreement to honor parent/guardian preferences expressed on Form 4011F-1 and within Procedure 4000P.
  • District and school staff will check the student information system for these restrictions before publicizing student photos or information, including the examples listed above, as well as yearbook, PTA directory and military recruitment.
  • Parents/guardians may authorize specific opt-outs for only or all of the following categories (per Form 4011F-1): student publicity, yearbook, PTA directory and military recruitment. Customized parent permission forms are not to be used for this purpose.
  • Form 4011F-1 must be submitted annually and is provided to all district families in the family handbook and on the district’s website. School staff will maintain this information in the student information system and keep the original form in the student’s file.
  • Parents/guardians should be aware that ensuring student privacy is not possible at district or school-related public performances or athletic/activities events where cameras are permitted. The school or district may film games and other events after school (live streaming and/or recordings), and other students, parents, community members and news media may record/photograph/film at these events and publicly share this information. By choosing to have their children participate in such activities and programs, parents/guardians are agreeing to this condition. In addition, the district does not have control of outside news media/publications.
  • To lift district or school-related publicity restriction, parents/guardians may complete Form 4011F-2 Cancellation of Student Publicity/Information Opt-Out. School staff will maintain this information in the student information system and keep the original form in the student’s file.
  • Special Education: Before allowing an individual to record, film, photograph or conduct an interview that would identify any student as a student who receives special education services, Form 4011F-3 Public Identification of a Student in Special Education must be completed by the parent/guardian.
  • Community partners who are using Bellingham Public Schools facilities for student programs such as preschools or after-school programs are not covered by these student publicity/directory information release procedures, but they may establish and manage their own procedures as needed.
Adopted/Previous Revisions: 06/25/15; 09/27/18; 6/6/19: 3/2/2021
Updated: 10/4/2021