4260 Procedure – Use of School Facilities

1. Permits for use of school facilities will be granted upon approval of the application and payment in advance of the established charges unless other arrangements are made at the time of application. When the rental fee includes employee wages, that portion of the charge will be based on the district’s costs.

2. All basic charges shall be paid through the district’s Business Office.

3. When admission is charged or monies collected, the applicant shall be prepared, upon request, to provide a financial statement of revenue and expenses.

4. A responsible representative of the renting group must be on the premises during after-school use of school facilities. The district reserves the right to require a custodian or other authorized district representative to be present, as well.

5. The district will not be responsible for stolen articles.

6. School equipment may not be used unless operated by personnel approved by the building principal or program administrator.

7. The renting organization will pay for all breakage and damage inside or to the building or property. The user must exercise utmost care on school premises and hold the district harmless from all liability from the use of the requested facilities.

8. Profane language, possession or use of illegal substances, use of tobacco, possession of weapons, boisterous conduct, betting, or other forms of gambling will not be permitted on school premises.

9.  No school equipment can be moved without permission from the building custodian and, when moved, must be returned to its original position. Instructional and athletic supplies are not available to the renter.

10. No decorations or application of materials to wall or floors will be allowed without the permission of the building principal or program administrator. Applicants are required to remove materials, equipment, furnishings, or rubbish left after use of school facilities. No sign shall be placed on the outside of school buildings.

11. A district Food Services employee is required to be on duty for all activities involving kitchen use for events such as banquets, dinners, carnivals, festivals, bazaars, or other special events requiring kitchen facilities. Kitchens shall not be entered by any group during the instructional school day. Rules posted in kitchens shall be observed. The school principal will be kept advised by the district’s Food Services employee of any deviation from standard kitchen usage regulations.

12. The district shall prepare and make available to all facility users a detailed listing of general rules and regulations.



Adopted/Previous Revisions: 06/13/13
Updated: 07/06/16