5260 Procedure – Staff Access to Networked Information Resources

Staff with assigned e-mail accounts will employ electronic mail on a daily basis at work as a primary tool for communications.  The district may rely upon this medium to communicate information, and all staff will be responsible for checking and reading messages daily.

Face-to-face or phone communications are preferable when dealing with complex issues or topics.  When using electronic mail to discuss sensitive or confidential information about students or employees, staff must maintain confidentiality and the privacy of student data.  Staff may only share personally-identifiable information regarding a student with colleagues who have a legitimate educational interest in the information.

Staff shall not conduct union or employee association business, except as may be agreed to in writing between the union/employee association and the district, and subject to the usage guidelines and conditions contained in this policy.  When a written agreement exists between the district and a union or employee association (hereinafter “association”) permitting usage of the district’s email and voice mail system, such usage will be subject to the following guidelines and conditions:

a)  Only current employees will be granted district network, email and voice mail accounts.  No separate email or voice mail account will be created for the association, employees on association leave, or employees in their capacities as association officers or agents.

b)  Use of the district email and voice mail system for association business is subject to all generally-applicable rules and conditions for use of district email and communication systems (e.g., no use for obscene, malicious, harassing, commercial, political campaign, defamatory, or illegal communications or purposes) and as identified in this policy and procedure. Every email originating on the district system is identified by its address as a district document.  The district reserves the right to suspend or terminate any email or voice mail account without notice for communications that do not exhibit the professionalism expected in more formal district communications.

c)  Employees and non-employee association agents (via internet connection) may use the email and voice mail system to communicate with district administration on association matters.

d)  Employees and non-employee association agents may use the district email and voice mail system to communicate with other employees for district business, e.g., to communicate with members of joint district-association committees about committee business.

e)  Employees and non-employee association agents may use the district email and voice mail system to communicate with other employees for association business of a routine, non-confidential nature, e.g., to schedule meetings or to make announcements that would be appropriate for posting on an association bulletin board in a faculty room.  Such communications may only be created and sent during non-work time and employees will access and read them during non-work time.

f)   The district reserves the right to discontinue association use in the event of a labor dispute. Any use of the email or voice mail system to advocate, support, or coordinate a
strike or other labor stoppage is prohibited.

The Educational Technology team will report inappropriate behaviors to the employee’s supervisor who will take appropriate disciplinary action.  Any other reports of inappropriate behavior, violations, or complaints will be routed to the employee’s supervisor for appropriate action.  Violations may result in a loss of access and/or disciplinary action.

Adopted/Previous Revisions: 08/14/02
Updated: 01/24/17