5630 Procedure – Volunteer Procedures

Volunteers are identified as those who serve without compensation at a school or other district site.

Volunteers shall be made aware of the following procedures and restrictions:

  1. Prior to service in schools, volunteers must complete the volunteer application, the disclosure statement and be subject to a Washington State Patrol criminal history check.
  1. Volunteers work under the direction and supervision of a district staff member. They will provide volunteers with information regarding their job responsibilities, information regarding the school facility, work schedule and expectations.
  1. A Volunteer Handbook will be made available to each volunteer and include the following information: Review of school rules, school safety procedures, school calendar, child development information and a staff contact list.
  1. All schools will maintain a volunteer log which will record names, dates and hours assigned.
    1. All volunteers and visitors are required to sign in upon entering the school showing photo ID to the school secretary.
    2. The secretary will check the WATCH list to insure volunteer is approved.
    3. Upon approval, the secretary will provide a volunteer or visitor badge.
  1. Volunteers shall not discuss or divulge confidential information regarding student performance or records.
  1. Volunteers are required to adhere to district policy and procedure and review assigned policies and procedures as part of the volunteer application process including, but not limited to, Sexual Harassment of District Staff Prohibited, Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Substances, Drug-Workplace, and Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries.
  1. Student problems which arise, whether of an instructional, medical, behavioral or operational nature, shall be referred to a regular staff member for final resolution.
  1. Schools are encouraged to provide appropriate volunteer recognition.
  2. Volunteer services may be terminated due to, but not limited to, the following reasons:

a. Program and/or other duties completed;

b. Resignation of the volunteer;

c. Replacement by paid staff; and

d. Circumstances which in the judgment of the administration may necessitate the termination of the volunteer’s service include, but are not limited to, unsatisfactory results or background checks or other disclosures.

Adopted/Previous Revisions: 01/24/17
Updated: 01/24/17