5641 Procedure – Student Teachers

The procedures for developing and implementing a student teacher agreement are as follows:

A. The college representative will present a student teacher agreement to the superintendent/designee for review and approval;

B. The superintendent/designee will coordinate the institution’s request for placement with principals to determine if placements are possible in the subject areas requested;

C. The college supervisor will be notified of placements that can be accepted during the quarter;

D. Assignment will be made with the approval of the cooperating staff member and the principal;

E. A student teacher will be assigned to a teacher with no less than three years of teaching experience;

F. A supervising teacher will not be assigned more than one student teacher per school year;

G. The supervising teacher will be responsible for the class and should not delegate responsibilities until the student teacher has displayed the proficiency to accept them; and

H. A student teacher should assume the same conditions of employment as a regular teacher in terms of length of school day, supervision of co-curricular activities, staff meetings, and in-service training.

Adopted/Previous Revisions: 08/10/17
Updated: 08/14/17