6608 Procedure – Video Cameras on School Buses

Placement of Cameras
1.      The transportation manager shall authorize cameras for use in buses. The driver shall be notified of the placement in his/her bus.

2.      All buses where cameras may be utilized shall have signs notifying the driver and riders that video cameras may be in use.

Use of Recorded Files/Tapes
1.      If the transportation manager or operations supervisor determines there is a need to review recorded files/tapes, the transportation manager, operations supervisor, or shop foreman shall remove the recorded file/tape and identify it with the route number and date. The file/tape shall be retained by the transportation manager in a secure location.

2.      The transportation manager or operations supervisor may view the recorded file/tape with or without the driver. If the driver wishes to view the file/tape, a time shall be set for this purpose. All viewing of files/tapes shall take place on district property unless otherwise required by law.

3.      If a serious or flagrant violation of student bus rules is observed or if there is a continued violation, despite intervention, standard disciplinary action may be taken. Lesser violations shall be brought to the attention of the student and proper conduct shall be explained.

4.      Anytime a file/tape is to be used to support a disciplinary action, the tape shall be dated, labeled, and secured for as long as deemed necessary.

5.      When a file/tape is used to support disciplinary action, the parties involved (the student or the student’s parent/guardian/custodian, driver) may request to view the recording at the time of the alleged infraction(s). A viewing shall be arranged at the student’s school, the transportation department office, or other district property.

6.      A building principal or designee may request viewing of files/tapes through the transportation manager.

7.      The transportation  manager may authorize the designated district driver trainer to view the files/tapes to assist drivers with student behavior management skills and/or retraining

8.      Information on files/tapes not used to support disciplinary action shall be erased/recorded over.

Adopted/Previous Revisions: 06/25/98
Updated: 01/12/12