6610 Procedure – Video Security

A. Definitions:

Security cameras: Security camera is the term used in this procedure to refer to the equipment used to capture video (as defined below), regardless of the format or nature of such equipment.

Video: Video is the term used in this procedure to refer to the images (and audio where applicable) captured by the security cameras used by the district, regardless of the format or nature of the equipment or technology used to capture and store the images and audio.


B. Purpose of security cameras


  1. The district may use security cameras:


a. To foster the safety and security of students, staff, volunteers, and visitors while at district facilities, riding in district vehicles, or participating in school / district activities or events;

b. To protect district property;

c. To assist first responders in an emergency; and

d. When appropriate, to review for specific student and/or employee behavior.


C. Placement of security cameras


  1. School district buildings, grounds, and vehicles may be equipped with security cameras.


a. Security cameras placed inside buildings shall be installed in visible locations, except that in rare circumstances, hidden cameras may be installed when approved on a case-by-case basis by the superintendent or designee.

b. Security cameras located inside buildings shall not be placed in areas where students, staff, volunteers, and visitors have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as locker rooms and restrooms.

c. Some front offices or reception areas may have a monitor displaying live security camera views of the campus. The intent is to monitor public entrances/exits and to see when guests arrive.

d. Some security cameras may be placed in high-traffic multi-use spaces, such as gyms, that serve both as classrooms and also for public events.


2. Signs advising students, staff, parents, community members and the public of the presence of security cameras (and audio recording, if applicable) shall be posted in all district vehicles containing security cameras and at entrances to all facilities containing security cameras.

3. No person may conspire, attempt, and/or act to use in an unauthorized manner, tamper with or otherwise interfere with the placement and/or operations of district security cameras. Persons found by the district to have violated this provision will be subject to appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action.

4. Each year, the district shall inform students and parents in writing that the district will be using security cameras, monitors and recording equipment on school grounds, district property and district vehicles.

5. The locations of installed security cameras are available to any employee in the main office or via request to school administration and/or their supervisor.


D. Use of Video


  1. The security camera system and real-time security camera footage may be monitored by authorized district personnel or authorized individuals.
  2. Video recordings shall be viewed only by authorized personnel or authorized individuals in a setting that ensures controlled access and privacy from accidental public viewing. Authorized district personnel may use their discretion in allowing another person to view a recording if such viewing will aid in the conduct of an investigation.



E. Monitoring of security cameras


  1. Security cameras are a backup to other proactive means of ensuring security and safety on district property and will not be monitored on a continuous basis.



F. Security, Retention and Disposal of security camera data


  1. All video recordings are stored electronically. Recordings will be saved for up to 30 days and then appropriately deleted unless a specific recording is part of a school, district, or law enforcement investigation, in which case the recording will be retained in compliance with the relevant retention schedule.
  2. Authorized district personnel or authorized individuals may use information obtained through security cameras for school or district investigations, school safety, or law enforcement purposes.
  3. Security camera video recordings are the sole property of the district. Release of such videos will occur only pursuant to applicable policy or laws.
  4. Security camera video recordings are considered a public record and are generally not considered education records under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  5. Video recordings will be stored in a manner that will prevent tampering. Authorized district personnel or authorized individuals will not alter, tamper, or delete recordings in a manner inconsistent with this policy.


G. Law enforcement

  1. In the event of an emergency, live security footage may be viewed by first responders.


  1. In the event of a request by law enforcement, the district will provide requested recordings pursuant to applicable laws and district policy.


H. No Guarantee of Recording, Monitoring, or Quality

By this policy, the district does not guarantee that every school or district interior, parking lot, general grounds, or building will be equipped with a security camera, that the security camera in a specific area will be in operation or monitored at a specific time, that a security camera will record specific conduct or expression, or that security camera resolution will be sufficient to capture images with clarity in all circumstances.

Updated: September 9, 2022
Superintendent or Board Approved: Superintendent Approved