6800 Procedure – Operation and Maintenance of District Facilities Building Repair and Improvement Procedures

In most situations, the work order process will be initiated at the building level with the building administrator or head custodian submitting a work order request for repair or improvement through the work order request manager. To better insure that the work request receives the proper attention, the person submitting the request will be required by the system to assign a preliminary priority of emergency, general repair, or improvement/additions. All work requests will be reviewed by the manager of buildings and grounds. Where appropriate, a work order will be generated, and staff will be assigned to the task. If, in the judgment of the maintenance office, any request is not to be processed, the person making the request will be advised of that decision by email.

A. Definition of Categories

  1. Emergency

A request would be considered an emergency if the work was required to be done immediately to prevent loss of life, physical injury, or further damage to property. All emergency requests will be responded to immediately with a personal contact from maintenance to confirm receipt of that request.

In case of an emergency that requires either the fire or police department, the applicable local authorities should be immediately notified before submitting the request in the maintenance work request manager.

Examples: The building roof was damaged in a wind storm; there is a gas leak in the building.

2. General Repair

These requests are for repairs that are not considered an emergency, as defined above, but do require assistance from maintenance. The status of these requests for each building will be reviewed monthly by maintenance and reported to the building principal along with an estimated completion time for the work.

Examples: The window mechanism in Room 6 is broken; the pipes under the sink in Room 6 are dripping.

3. Improvement/Additions

Requests for improvement/additions must be consistent with district and department goals and priorities and will be honored while funds are available. These requests are helpful in giving maintenance insight into the longer-range facilities needs across the district. In addition to requests generated by the buildings, the manager of buildings and grounds, along with the facilities projects manager, will conduct an annual inspection of all district facilities and prepare for the assistant superintendent for business and operations a listing of near- and long-term facility needs.

Examples: Carpeting, painting, minor building modifications such as installing a partition or cutting a door between two classrooms.

In addition, some items in this category may be of such magnitude that they would qualify as capital projects. These projects will be identified and prioritized separately and forwarded to the superintendent and board for special consideration.

Examples: Reroof a major portion of a building; remodel a section of a building; construct additional classrooms.

B. Maintenance work request manager

The maintenance work request manager is designed to allow a building representative to submit requests for work to be done by maintenance. The requests are reviewed by the manager of buildings and grounds and then assigned to an employee in maintenance. Once the work has been assigned, the person making the request is able to review the status of their request at any time. When the work is completed, a report is emailed to the principal of that building. Following is a step-by-step description of how information is entered, and projects monitored. Not all pull down menus will appear in this description.

  1. Launching the work request manager

a. Locate the link in Outlook

b. Open Outlook. If you don’t have the folder view open, choose view | folder list to turn it on.

c. Scroll in the folder list until you find the public folders.

d. Click on the plus sign (+) in front of the public folders to expand the folder tree.

e. Click on the plus sign (+) in front of the all public folders to expand the folder tree.

f. Click on the maintenance work orders folder to view the contents of the folder.

g. Double click the link to maintenance work request post to open it.

h. Open the maintenance work request manager.

i. Click on the underlined link to open the work request manager.

j. Click the open it radio button.

k. Click the OK

2. Submitting a work order request

a. Click the submit a work request

b. Fill out the form.

c. Click the submit

d. Click the close button on the confirmation page.

3. Checking status of a request

a. Look up status for your building.

b. Click the reports

c. Choose your building from the building drop down list.

d. Click the pending work orders by building

e. Choose file then print from the menu to print out your report.

f. Click the close box to close the report when you are done.

Adopted/Previous Revisions: 03/13/12
Updated: 02/20/19