6970 Procedure – Naming Schools and Facilities

The naming of a school and/or district facilities will take place in the following manner:

A.    The superintendent will select a committee whose purpose will be to submit to the superintendent an abbreviated, previously vetted list of potential, names or a recommended name for the school or facility and the rationale. The committee may solicit nominations from students, families, staff and the community;

B.     The committee will, whenever possible, follow these guidelines:

1.      The names submitted will not conflict with the names of other schools in the district or surrounding districts; and

2.      The use of names of living persons will be avoided unless the circumstances warrant an exception.

C.     The superintendent may use the recommendation to help select the name of the new facility.

Regarding physical memorials or tributes, individuals are encouraged to work closely with principals to find ways other than memorials to honor the deceased.

Adopted/Previous Revisions: 12/18/14
Updated: 12/18/14