Students identified Highly Capable, as with all children, have a range of needs which include the specific areas of qualification used by the Bellingham Public Schools. We recognize that our students’ needs often fall outside of the identified areas and therefore work with families to make the best educational decisions. Based on a formal program review conducted by OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) in collaboration with a committee representing families, teachers, administrators and community members from Bellingham Public Schools the Highly Capable services have undergone significant change. Following the 2014 Program Review (link) our focus has been a student centered approach. We consider the needs of each child and provide various supports to nurture their area of strength and/or strengthen an area of struggle.

As a district, we use a Bellingham Public Schools MTSS Model model providing tiered instruction based on student need:

For a larger image: Bellingham Public Schools MTSS Model

Continuum of Services:

For a larger image: Continuum of Services.



2018-19 Highly Capable Learner Liaisons: 

To support teachers and families, HCL Liaisons are available to answer questions, collaborate and support the unique needs of students identified highly capable.

Alderwood – Gretchen Stiteler

Birchwood – Shannon Pries

Carl Cozier – Monica Savory

Columbia – April O’Halloran

Cordata – Michelle Hornof

Geneva – Courtney Kesinger

Happy Valley – Danielle Hunter

Lowell – Sarah Walker

Northern Heights – Jayme Rios

Parkview – Jennifer Percival

Roosevelt – Susan Kagel

Silver Beach – Danielle Hunter

Carl Cozier – Monica Savory

Sunnyland – Amy Berreth

Wade King – Jenny Lawrence

Middle Schools – HCL Liaison Under Review

Student Learning Plan Coordinator – Jenny Lawrence

High Schools – School Counselors

Highly Capable Learners

(360) 676-6427