Looking for extra academic experience?

The Promise Tomorrow Initiative just might be the thing for you. This is projectbased learning at its best. Students will work in teams on projects that envision creative solutions to transition to a better world. Their projects will take multi-disciplinary approaches to innovate technologies, designs, or plans that forge connections in their communities to create positive change. Student collaborative groups will work across grades, meet weekly, and be supported by a volunteer and supervised by the coordinator.

Promise Tomorrow Program Description

Sign up dates:

Quarter 4: March 29

How do I enroll?

Contact your school Promise Tomorrow coordinator for information or enroll with Promise Tomorrow online.

Do I have to participate every quarter?

No, you may opt in/out each quarter, but once in a group, please stick it out – your team needs you.

What are the topics?

The larger topics are The Human Condition and Local Issues. However, you will have quite a bit of freedom in narrowing your topic.


  • Student groups will meet weekly online with whole group for check in with coordinator, and then go to breakout groups with an adult volunteer to work on the project. Groups may be modified based on needs of volunteers, coordinators and students.
  • Students are expected to do work on the project outside of group work time.
  • Projects will include a presentation similar to a TedTalk and will include a visual presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, or similar). Students will present a thorough description of the problem and their unique solution. Projects will be presented at cross-district symposiums.
  • High school students may also earn credits for participation.

Margi Smith (Elementary)

Eva Chazo (Mid—level)

Erin Burke (High School)